Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much does ImageCue cost?

A.  The MSRP (List Price) of ImageCue in North America is $995.00 which includes the ImageCue Unit, Power Supply, Mounting Bracket, and DVI Adapter.  There is no additional software or hardware to purchase.  You supply the DMX512 signal from your control console with your 5-pin DMX cable, and the HDMI or DVI cable to your display device.  If you want to use your own content you must supply a USB Flash Drive.

Q.  Who do I call for technical assistance?

A.  You need to call your region's distributor.  Our distribution partners are listed here.

Q.  I just updated software but the LCD shows a different version number.  Why?

A.  There are two processors in an ImageCue.  The version number displayed by the LCD is the FIRMWARE version.  To view the SOFTWARE version number set the Control Mode parameter (channel 10) to a value of 255.  This will display the version number on the output display.  This image is "latching".  A new image/video must be selected to clear the version number image.

Q.   Does ImageCue do audio?

A.  Beginning with software version - YES! Audio is available in Personality 2 through the HDMI port.  The 3.5mm jack is NOT supported. Please refer to the User's Guide.

Q.   Nothing is showing up on my output device, what's wrong?

A. There are a few things to check.  Go to the Knowledge Base for help. 

Q.   Where is the color?

A.  The color layer is BEHIND the image layer by default.  Select image (3rd channel) = 0.  Or, move the color in front of the image by setting the 10th channel (Mode Control) to a value of 64 (25%).   The 9th channel sets the saturation level of the color and should be at 255 (100%) for full saturation.   No color will be visible at a setting of 0.

Q.  How do I change the output resolution?

A. On the ImageCue unit, press the Navigation Button until the LCD display reads "User Menu".  Using the navigation button, scroll down to Display and press the button to select that menu.  In the display menu, scroll down to "HDMI RESOLUTION".  The line below will show the current resolution.  Move the navigation button left or right to see other available resolutions.  When the resolution you desire is in the window, press the button to select it.  Scroll down to "EXIT" and press the navigation button.   YOU MUST NOW CYCLE THE POWER ON IMAGECUE TO RESET THE OUTPUT RESOLUTION TO THE PREVIOUSLY SELECTED RESOLUTION.

Q.  Why do I see color and images or videos behind my JPEG content?

A. Your JPEG content is not the same size as the output resolution.  Your content needs to be re-sized or placed onto a background the same size as the output resolution (i.e. 1920x1080).

Q.  My JPEG images take longer to load than the stock content.  Why?

A. More than likely your JPEG is larger than the 1920x1080 pixel maximum size.  Resize your JPEG to no larger than 1920x1080.  For best performance the resolution should be the same as the output resolution. Read more here.

Q.  Can I use a HDMI Splitter with ImageCue to drive multiple displays?

A. Yes.  But the HDMI Splitter must be able to handle refresh rates down to at least 30Hz.  Many inexpensive HDMI Splitters will only operate at 50/60Hz refresh rates.  A splitter that we have tested successfully is the Bytecc HMSP102K which is available from several online sources.  They also make a 4-way splitter.

Q.  Can I use a USB extention cable for my USB Flash Drive?

A. It is possible to use ACTIVE USB Extender cables with ImageCue. The use of an extender can provide access to the user's USB Flash Drive when ImageCue is mounted in an inaccessible location. While ImageCue cannot guarantee satisfactory performance with the use of a USB Extender, we have tested 16 foot (5 Metres) and 32 foot (10 Metres) ACTIVE extenders without encountering any problems. The use of non-active extenders is not recommended. The extenders we tested were from Monoprice and BlueRigger.