ImageCue has created a suite of utilities for video extraction to H264 Raw format as well as transcoding from popular formats. They are available on the  Imagecue Download page .

Third Party Utilities

The third party utilities on this page are provided for you as a convenience only. ImageCue LLC accepts no liability for their use resulting in loss of content or damage to your computer system. While we have conducted limited testing with these applications and found them to be safe, use them at your own risk.

A word of caution: We have seen some interesting pop up ads on some of these sites, double check what you are actually downloading BEFORE you click!

Video Utilities:

Handbrake: This utility can be used to re-encode video files that aren't encoded as H264, to H264. If your video cannot be properly encoded using the ImageCue Video Utilities, Handbrake may be your solution. Click here to go to the Handbrake download site.

FFMPEG: For advanced users because it is console based, ffmpeg is a very powerful video conversion utility.  Versions of ffmpeg are available for Windows, Linux and iOS.  Handbrake and the ImageCue Video utilities use ffmpeg. Click here to go to the ffmpeg download site.

JPEG & PNG Utilities:

Irfanview: This utility is useful to determine if your JPEG file is progressive. It can also resize JPEG and PNG images, as well as image type conversions. Batch resizing is possible. The ImageCue User's Guide references the use of Irfanview in the User Media section. Click here to go to the Irfanview download site.

Fotosizer: Similar to Irfanview, this utility is very good for batch resizing of JPEG images. Click here to go to the Fotosizer download site.

ImageMagick: A popular utility for converting image files from one format to another. It is a command line based application, so it is designed for advanced users. Can be used to make PNG files with an alpha transparency channel useful for the ImageCue Overlay feature. Click here to go to the ImageMagick download site.

SD Card Utilities:

HDD RAW COPY TOOL - This tool allows you to back up the ImageCue SD card to your computer and make back up SD cards for ImageCue. Please note that on Windows only the "boot" partition of the SD card will be visible. The application and stock images/videos are in a partition not visible to the Windows OS. The HDD Raw Copy Tool copies the image of the entire SD card. Click here to go to the HDD RAW COPY TOOL download site.