Backup and Update the ImageCue microSD Card

Information about the microSD Card used inside ImageCue is in the User's Guide. For your convenience, click here to view/download the SD Card section.

A usefull utillity to backup and update your ImageCue microSD card is listed on the 3rd party utilities page.

Structure and content of the microSD card

ImageCue™ uses a Raspberry Pi 2 as its video processing engine. The custom Linux kernel (Operating System), the ImageCue™
program, and the stock media library are stored on a 16GB microSD card. The SD card has two partitions: “BOOT” and “rootfs”. The “BOOT” partition is formatted as FAT32 and will be visible on Windows and Mac. The “rootfs” partition is formatted as Linux EXT4 and is not visible on Windows and Mac without special software. The “BOOT” partition contains the files required for the Raspberry Pi to start up. It also contains the ImageCue™ program as a binary file. 

The ImageCue™ binary file will not work without the ImageCue™ custom Linux kernel and specific hardware. Use of the binary file in other systems will MOST LIKELY result in damage to the hardware. ImageCue™ accepts no liability for the use of the binary file or kernel in non-ImageCue™ systems.